"With two boys getting them to make their beds is a battle I don’t need or want! Finny&Co sheets means that there is now no battle and is one less thing for me to do. I love the fact that they come completely apart which makes washing and drying a breeze." 


"Love your sheets for my son's bunk beds! His bed is staying made, saving me time and worry. Simple but very clever, and much appreciated"

- Hazel

"Making bunk beds or beds against the wall is an awkward, annoying job but Finny&Co sheets make this a lot easier and faster. Best of all, my children are able to make their beds neat and tidy using these sheets. An added bonus is that my wriggly sleepers don’t lose their bedding on a cold winter’s night" 

- Sarah

"I just wanted to say how wonderful the bunk sheets are – it makes the bunks so easy to make"

- Anne

"Finny&Co sheets means that changing sheets is not something to procrastinate. It had made it so much easier, especially with the bunk beds!!! And the kids are warm and comfortable because the sheets don't roll to the end of the bed in the night!"


"Our grandson has always been a restless sleeper, hitting the wall, falling out of bed, and losing the bedcovers. Now with the Finny&co sheets everyone gets more sleep. His father says 'they are marvellous', and his mother says 'no more cold body and jumpsuits to keep him warm have been abandoned.' He stays snug all night."

- Penny

It is amazing, my 10 year old son slept so much better from the first night, he was always waking me in the night as his top sheet was all twisted around him. Simple but an amazing!

- Connie