+ What is the best way to care for my kids bed sheets and keep them looking white?

There is nothing better than hopping into crisp, white cotton kids bed sheets. But over time sweat and body oils can stick to the threads of the cotton giving it a yellow tinge. Step back from the bleach!!! Apart from being very harsh on the cotton, it actually reacts with sweat and can make the kids bed sheets yellower.

Make sure you wash your kid's bedding with like colours and use a mild detergent. Line dry is best.

+ What sizes are available?

Finny & Co bed sheets come in New Zealand standard Single and King Single sizes.

Single Sheet Set

  • Unique top sheet is 180cm x 225cm
  • Fitted Bottom Sheet is 91cm x 193cm x 40cm

King Single Sheet Set 

  • Unique Top Sheet is 200cm x 230cm 
  • Fitted Bottom Sheet is 107cm x 203cm x 40cm

+ What payment types do you take?

There are a number of payment options to suit everyone.  You can pay using Mastercard/Visa or you can also pay using internet banking. If you want to use interent banking please contact us on 06 576 4421 or use our contact form.

+ If I find a fault with the kids bed sheets what do I do?

A lot of time has been put into making sure Finny&Co kids bed sheets are made to the highest quality. But if you do find a fault please contact us on 06 576 4421 or use our contact form and we will organise either a replacement kids bed sheet set or a full refund. You choose.

+ Can they be sent as a gift?

If you have someone in mind that you would love to give Finny&Co bed sheets to, no problem, just contact us on 06 756 4421 or use our contact form and we will do the rest.