Are Bunk Beds Worth It?


Parenting brings with it many great milestones. From the first smile, which melts your heart, to their first day at school or college (which I’ve just experienced – eek!). In our family one of the most exciting and anticipated events was the moving into the ‘Big kids bed’. Along with this milestone a number of decisions had to be made: What size bed do we get? Single or King single? How will I stop them from falling out? Actually.…… how will we stop them from getting out? How do we make it as smooth a transition as possible? What type of bed do we get? One with a trundler, or drawers or bunk beds?

For us, because we had a small house and a growing family, bunk beds were a great option. However, like anything in life there are pro's and con's and a whole lot of choices! 

The Pros of Bunk Beds

  • They provide a great space saving option.
  • For some reason they come with a sense fun. Put a ladder and a kid together and it’s always exciting!
  • If siblings are sharing the room, can provide great bonding experience (expect the odd disagreement!).
  • The top bunk can provide privacy for older children. They can read while younger kids sleep.
  • The bottom bunk provides a perfect place to make forts/ huts. 

The Cons of Bunks

  • Of course with anything to do with children, safety is paramount. With bunk beds it is important that you are aware of the associated risks. Check this article out at Essential Kids. For more information on bunk bed safety visit the Ministry of Consumer Affairs website.
  • With siblings sharing a room, fights are inevitable.
  • Unless you are the ‘Martha Stewart’ of all mums, kiss goodbye to a tidy top bed! Finny&Co bedsheets came about because I'm no 'Martha Stewart'. Check them out here

When buying bunk beds what to consider?

  • Most important, do they met the required safety standards? Australian/ New Zealand standard is - AS/NZS 4220:2010.
  • The quality of the bunk beds. Ensure that they are good quality that will last. 
  • Think of the future – Can they be separated to make two individual beds? Should you buy Single or King Single? 
  • Would having a trundle or drawers under the bottom bunk provide more sleeping and storage options?
  • What style of bunk beds are we after? There is a huge range of styles out there to suit every home. 

Where do you buy good Bunk Beds from?

  • Freedom furniture has recently released the Charlie Bunk Bed, which at 120cm high, is perfect for younger kids. Harvery Norman also stocks a wide range of bunk beds. 
  • The bunk beds Urban Kids offer are some of my favourite. There is a huge range of options with some great designs.
  • KidzSpace in Auckland stock the City Villa Bunks. These are classic and would suit any home. 
  • At the moment one of my favourite styles of bunks comes from Plyroom, based in Australia. Their range would make any kids bedroom look amazing! The Castello Bunk is pictured above and makes me want to re-do my kids bedroom! 
  • For some real bunk bed inspiration check out our bunk bed board on pintrest. 

If you are looking at buying bunk beds and have any questions we would love to hear from you.  


This entry was posted on Feb, 09, 2016