Are Bunk Beds Worth It?

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Parenting brings with it many great milestones. From the first smile, which melts your heart, to their first day at school or college (which I’ve just experienced – eek!). In our family one of the most exciting and anticipated events was the moving into the ‘Big kids bed’. Along with this milestone a number of decisions had to be made: What size bed do we get, Single or King single? How will I stop them from falling out? Actually.…… how will we stop them from getting out? How do we make it as smooth transition as possible? What type of bed do we get? One with a trundler, or drawers or bunk beds?

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Ideas for helping kids sleep during our hot summer nights!

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One of my clearest childhood memories is lying in bed on hot summer nights with daylight streaming through my curtains (no such thing as blackout back then!) listening to dad mowing the lawns, being hot and sticky and madly trying to get to sleep. Now that summer is officially here the circle of life continues with my own kids struggling to sleep in the heat and daylight. With a few weeks of school left I’m not quite ready to use “just let them go until they crash” philosophy – that one is used for camping holidays because we have no choice!

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